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Bulk sending emails using the Bnovo Mail tool
Mailing list is a great way to notify your guests about the upcoming arrival, to thank for their choice, congratulate on the holiday or talk about discounts and promotions. This is an effective tool that will help to constantly keep in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty.
You can easily start mass mailing with the Bnovo Mail tool.
Convenient and secure mail systems do an excellent job of daily work - sending, receiving and storing emails, but are not intended for mass mailing. The policy of free mail services is such that when a mass mailing attempt is recorded, the system blocks messages even at the sending stage, or when the recipient receives this letter, it is automatically detected in the spam folder. For example, Yandex has a restriction on sending letters - 35 recipients per day. Letters sent in excess of this norm are blocked. Moreover, the sender's address can be blacklisted by the addressee's mail system or be blocked by the system for a long time.