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IP telephony

Connecting IP-telephony is an additional opportunity to automate business processes in your accommodation. Integration will allow you to increase the speed of work and significantly increase the efficiency of your employees.

If your telephony is not listed, contact us, we will make it possible to connect.

Benefits of use:
Ample opportunities to work with the loyalty of your guests
Advanced reporting and detailing for each call
Recording of each conversation, which means additional quality control of service

Three connectivity partners to choose from: Binotel, Comagic, MangoOffice

When connected to IP telephony, the received call will be displayed on any Bnovo PMS screen.

We draw your attention to the fact that a call can be reflected in two scenarios:

After your employee picks up the phone, a pop-up window will appear on any of the Bnovo PMS screens offering "Show reservations"
At the time of an incoming call, that is, before the handset is picked up, a window with "Incoming Call" will be displayed for you - in this case, it will be possible to open the reservation details even before the start of communication.

In order to activate this scenario, you need to contact Bnovo support.
Please note that a call must be received on a device with configured IP telephony.

When you click on the "Show Reservations" button, you will see a list of reservations associated with the phone number from which the call was made.

Connecting a docking with IP-telephony allows you and your managers to easily open a guest reservation card, which means providing a personalized service even better and faster.

Connect Binotel

To connect IP telephony from Binotel, you need to request a link from the Bnovo Support Department to activate the connection with IP telephony.
The provided link must be transferred to Binotel technical support or your manager, indicating that you want to receive notifications of a received call using the API.
You must inform Binotel support that notifications must be sent to the "link you previously provided with Bnovo"
After configuring all of the above parameters, you will be able to receive notification of calls in Bnovo PMS.

Comagic Connection

To connect IP telephony from Comagic, you need to contact the Bnovo Support Department to obtain an API key for IP telephony.
Go to the notification section - click "Add notification"
In the window that opens, fill in the parameters:
You need to fill in the following fields:
Notification name: any name, for example, "Transfer notification of a received call to Bnovo PMS"
Event Type: Start Talk
Notification conditions: -select the "Call direction" section, then "Exactly matches", then "Incoming call".
Method of receiving notifications: you need to activate the "HTTP" option, fill in the settings in the window that appears:
In the "Method" field - select "Get"
In the field "URL" - specify the address
In the "Body" field - indicate the following line:
api_key = XXX & notification_name = {{notification_name}} & contact_phone_number = {{contact_phone_number}}
XXX is an API key received from Bnovo Support.
Now you can receive call notifications in Bnovo PMS!

Connecting Mango Office

Please note that Mango office will incur an additional fee for using the connector API, which is required for docking.
In order to connect Mango Office, go to the Integration section - API connector
If you do not have an API connector connected, Mango Office will warn you of the cost and ask for confirmation.
After successful payment:
Specify the link in the API connector for notifications
In the same section, copy the "Unique code of your PBX" and forward it to the Bnovo Support Department.
After sending a unique code and receiving confirmation from Bnovo, you will be able to receive notifications in Bnovo PMS.

You can configure who the call notification will be displayed for, go to the Tools - IP - Telephony section,
Next to the connected telephony, click the Configure button.
And by pressing the Play or Pause button, you can determine who will receive notifications.
Please note that the management of all employees is available only to the account with the type "Owner"