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Electronic Locks and Cashier
It is possible to connect electronic locks or cash register equipment to Bnovo.
At the moment, we provide the connection with such castles-companieslike «Ironlogic locks» and «Ilocks »

If you have locks of another company, or youare considering to install locks of a certain company-contact our support team andwe will find possibility to provide connection with your locks.

Benefits of using electronic locks:
-Additional control of unpaid reservations;
-Access control for guests (by floors or public areas), staff (by department or position),Master key;
- Reliable security thanks to full integration with Bnovo PMS.
- Save up to 15% of each guest's check-in time;
-Reduce the risks of manual errors: arrival and departure dates are filled in automatically;
-The problem of lost keys is solved in a minute: the old one is blocked automatically after creation of the new one.Cash register equipment is supported for the Russian Federation. If you needto connect cash registers in your country-contact our support team.