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Bulk restrictions update
General information about restrictionsThere are several types of restrictions in Bnovo, which are:

  • sales are closed
  • minimum number of nights
  • minimum number of nights on arrival
  • maximum number of nights
  • closed on arrival
  • closed on departure
You can find more information on types of restrictions in this article.

Bulk restrictions updates allows to set all restriction settings for all or for several rate plans in one action

How to quickly check if restrictions are already set?
For bulk restrictions update Go to Rate Plans > Sales Restrictions
Over there you can see graphs of your current restrictions. Also you can choose the way of showing those graphs: by rates or by room types.
Green color shows that sales are open
Red color shows that sales are closed
Yellow color shows that sales are open with restrictions

How to set restrictions?
  • Press the button "Bulk restrictions update"
  • Choose period to which you want to set restrictions. You can add several periods if restrictions are the same for some periods by clicking on "Add period" button
  • Then choose Room types and Rate Plans that you want to update.You can choose several Room types and Rate Plans or all of them.For example, if you want to close sales or to set minimum number of nights for all rate plans, click on dropdown list in Rate plans line and mark the point "Сhoose all
  • In the table below set the restrictions you want.At the upper right of the table you will find an illustration that shows what each cell in the table represents
  • After that press "apply restrictions" button.
You can set restrictions on:

  • specific day of the week and specific room type
  • all days of the week and specific room type
  • all days of the week and all room types
How to set closed for sale, closed on arrival, closed on departure?

  1. Click twice on the cell where you want to set closure for sale. The cell becomes green and then red. Red shows that sales are closed.

  2. Drag your mouse over the cell you want to make a change and you will see a gear icon. Click on this gear icon and you will see restrictions to modify: closed on arrival, closed on departure and closed for sale. Choose an option in front of the restriction: Yes, No or Do not change.