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Connecting HostelWorld Channel
1. Make sure that you have an active Hostelworld account. If your property is not registered on Hostelworld yet, register now.

2. To connect to «Hostelworld» channel you need to get property password, for this you need to contact their account-manager. Contact details can be found on your extranet in section - Property setup - contact details. Tell manager that you need property password to connect to Bnovo Channel Manager.

3. After this, when you've already got property password you need go to Tools section in Bnovo then - to Online Sales
4. Click on «Add sales channel»
5. and choose «Hostelworld» from the list.
6. You will see the whole instruction again, enter your Hostelworld Id and Property password, click «Connect».
7. In the window that opens, match the Hostelworld room types and the Bnovo PMS room types.

The columns "Accommodation type" and "Number of beds" show the help information set on Hostelworld for this room type.
8. Then match Bnovo rate plans and Hostelworld rate plans to each other.
9. Then click «Save changings»
Hostelworld Channel supported restrictions:
-sales close
-minimum stay
-maximum stay