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How to connect and set Expedia to Bnovo
To connect OTA (Online Travel Agency) Expedia to Bnovo Channel Manager please, follow these easy steps:
1. Go to the Expedia Extranet and click on the "Rooms and rates" section.
2. Here, click on the "Connectivity settings" section. It may require additional authentication

"If you are currently connected to another Channel Manager, you should disconnect it first. You can do it here"

Follow the website's instructions and deactivate your current Channel Manager.

On the same page, search for Bnovo and choose it. Don't forget to select "Availability and Rates" and "Reservations" features to integrate with your Channel Manager.

If everything is set up correctly on the Expedia's side, you can see a "Success!" pop-up.
Now go to Bnovo PMS and click on the Tools. Select Online Sales from the drop-down menu.
Here, click on the "Add sales channel" and choose Expedia. Enter your Expedia property ID and click "Connect".
You can find your Expedia hotel ID in the upper right corner where the property name is.
Now you will see the new page where you should make a mapping. Please, match the Room types from the Expedia's side with the Room types that you created in the Bnovo PMS. The same should be done for the Rate plans.
Well done! OTA Expedia is now connected to Bnovo PMS.

Don't forget to check your availability, rates and restrictions on the Expedia's side in 10 minutes. Just to be sure.

You can set up these Restrictions to your rooms and rates:
- Minimum length of stay
- Maximum length of stay
- Closed on arrival
- Closed on departure
- Open for sales
- Closed for sales

If you have any further questions please, don't hesitate to contact us.