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How to connect and set Airbnb to Bnovo PMS
Follow the easy steps below to connect OTA (Online Travel Agency) Airbnb to Bnovo Channel Manager:
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Step 6
Step 7
1. Make sure you have a registered account on the Airbnb. If your property is not registered on Airbnb, register now. You can do it here.
"If you are currently connected to another Channel Manager, you should disconnect it first. Go to the Airbnb Extranet, click on the currently Connected app and deactivate each listing from the current Channel Manager"
2. Now Log in to Airbnb as an owner of the listing you are planning to connect.

3. Go to Bnovo PMS and click on the Tools. Select Online Sales from the drop-down menu.

4. Here, click on the "Add sales channel" and choose Airbnb. Then click on "Connect"

5. You will be redirected to the Airbnb page. Read the Conditions and click Allow for the Terms of Service.

"You can choose which listings you will manage in Bnovo and which you want to manage through your Airbnb account."

6. Go back to Bnovo PMS. Existing listings will be available for mapping.
Please, match the Airbnb listings with room types from Bnovo PMS. The same should be done for the Rate plans.

For all matched listings full synchronization will be set, i.e. the ability to manage prices, availability, restrictions and other info (photos, description, cancellation policy, etc.) will be synchronized.

If your listing has a Plus status (privileged listing), Bnovo will not be able to manage information for that listing. A listing like this will be marked as Published with a comment: "Editing is not available. You can customize photos and description for this listing on Airbnb."

If the cost of stay in the room/apartment does not depend on the number of people, match the Bnovo Room type that corresponds to the listing's capacity on Airbnb. For example, a room for 2 guests should be matched with a Bnovo Room type for 2 people.

If the cost of stay depends on the number of guests, select the appropriate Bnovo Room type with a minimum capacity and specify the price for each additional guest.
In the Rate plans section you will see which cancellation policy and currency have been selected.
7. Click on "Save changes". After that, each listing will receive its status.

Good job! But what if you need to edit listings?
To edit your listing information, click on the 3 dots and choose "Edit".
You'll be taken to the Listing settings page.
Fill in the information:

  • housing type
  • location
  • name (8 characters minimum) and description
  • premises
  • facilities
  • photos
  • house rules
  • booking conditions (currency, cancellation policy, etc)
  • extra fees
  • guest requirements
Now click on "Save all settings". These settings will be uploaded to your Airbnb listing.

You can also create listing for the Airbnb from Bnovo.

Click on "Create new" on the Channel settings page.
Select the Room type that will be uploaded as listing to Airbnb and check the Listing Settings.
How to create a Special offer?
To create a Special offer on Airbnb for a specific listing on specific dates, you must complete the following sequential actions:
Step 1
Step 2
1. Click on "Create new" on the Channel settings page.

2. Create a rule group and set a minimum length of stay and/or early booking deal.
Set a discount. Specify the listings for which this offer is valid.

"Airbnb discounts are summable, keep this in mind when creating Special offers."
What about Statuses?
Status shows whether the listing is approved on Airbnb or not.
What kind of statuses exist?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
  1. "New" Status - listing is new and has not been published yet.
You cannot publish listing on Airbnb (the "Submit for Review" button is not active) and change the status from New if the required fields are not filled.

If the required fields are filled then the "Submit for Review" button is active. When you click "Submit for Review", Bnovo sends a request to Airbnb to approve your listing. If the request is successful the status of the listing will change.
2. "Rejected" Status - listing rejected by Airbnb. In this case, system will display the error message from the Airbnb

3. "Request sent" Status - listing is on manual review
Usually, Airbnb scans most of the listings automatically. If your listing has been submitted for manual review you will see the status "Request sent" until the review is over.
4. "Accepted by Airbnb, not published" Status - listing approved by Airbnb, but not published yet.
5. "Published" Status - listing is available for booking on the Airbnb.
When you click on the 3 dots in Bnovo you will see the "Disable publication" feature. After clicking this button listing will get a "Accepted by Airbnb, not published" status.
If during the connection you did not match Room type or disable synchronization via the Airbnb Extranet mapping for this listing in Bnovo PMS will be blocked. In this case, you will see a "Managed only from Airbnb" status and the "Sync with Bnovo PMS" button.
It means that updates for this listing will not be sent from Bnovo PMS. And Bnovo PMS will not receive bookings for it.
Restrictions accepted by OTA Airbnb:

- Closed on arrival
- Closed on departure
- Closed for sales
- Minimum length of stay
- Maximum length of stay