Knowledge base
Creating and installing of the Bnovo widget
and online booking engine
Widget is a form that can be installed on your website where guests can choose arrival and departure dates.

Widget example:
After submitting this form a guest will see all available rooms on the online booking engine page.

You can embed online booking engine in the iframe on your website page.
To generate iframe code, use this link.

To customize the color scheme of the online booking engine page, use the article.

If you want to create, install and customize a widget, you need to:

1. Go to the widget configurator using the link.
2. Select the widget orientation (horizontal / vertical / with the selection from multiple properties).
3. Insert your UID in the UID field.
You can find your UID in the Tools -> Online Sales section. Click Set right of the Online booking engine and then click the Show button. Online booking engine will open in a new window and in the address bar you can see the UID after "index/".
4. To create a widget with a choice from several properties, you need to select the "With a choice" option and in the "List of UIDs and names" field specify the hotel's UIDs and names in the next format – UID1, Name without quotes 1, UID2, Name without quotes 2, UID3, Name without quotes 3. The first property in the list will be selected by default always.

5. Click the "Let's Go!" button and the JavaScript-code will appear in a green frame.

Next, you need to set design settings and the text of the widget buttons.
In order to immediately see the changes in the widget, you can click the "Let's Go!" after making changes to each of the parameters.

In order to adapt the widgets width to the width of the site on mobile devices, you need to set the "Width of the form" value in %.
You can find your Expedia hotel ID in the upper right corner where the property name is.
Now you will see the new page where you should make a mapping. Please, match the Room types from the Expedia's side with the Room types that you created in the Bnovo PMS. The same should be done for the Rate plans.
Auto Date
Promo Code
Reservation page URL
Auto Date
The auto-date function will automatically set the arrival and departure dates on the widget, suggesting them for the guest to choose. Both dates will be substituted immediately. There is no way to select only one of the items. If they don't fit the guest, he will be able to change them.
When you select the "Cancel Reservation" item on the widget, the button "Cancel a reservation" will appear. The guest will be able to cancel the reservation created by him via the booking engine by entering its number and his e-mail specified during the reservation.
Promo Code
When you select the "Promo code" option, an additional field will appear on the widget for entering a promo code.
Reservation page URL
If you have embedded an online booking engine into the iframe on the page of your site, in this section you can specify a link to this page.

During the setup process, in the green frame the widget code is automatically generated. After the code is generated, you need to copy and paste it into the website. If you do not have a specialist who can do this, you can contact Bnovo support and provide access to the admin panel of the site to install the widget and booking engine.