Knowledge base
You should press the button Planning on the main menu line at the top to open your daily planning.
2. To add a mark to a reservation please click on the button with a gray pencil on the left side of the reservation.
In the window that appears, select from one to three marks. When you choose a third mark, the remaining three becomes disabled and cannot be selected because one reservation can be assigned with up to three marks.
Each mark (color) can be named by clicking on the edit button.
1.That is special room description, which can help you to differ room fast in planning.
You can find it on the right from room number. For example: sea view, balcony e.t.c
2. You can use «select tags» on the bottom of planning to fast search the room you need.
3. To add tag to room, you need go to settings-rooms-edit.
4. Add or edit tag in the field «tags» and press « Save»