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How to create a rate plan
In this article you will learn:
How to make a parent rate plan?
How to make a dependent rate plan?
How to activate a rate plan for different booking sources?

There are 2 different types of rate plans:
parent rate plan
dependent rate plan

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Follow steps below to make a parent rate plan:

  1. Go to the «Rates» section, then click «Create a new rate plan»

  2. Fill all fields:

  • Rate plan name (Please note, the name will be displayed on the online booking engine on your hotel's website and will be visible to your guests. The rate plan's name does not matter for OTAs (online travel agencies).

In the «Meal plan» section choose those meal plan which is included in the rate plan you are creating. Leave the field blank if there are no meals included. The text that you enter in the «Cancellation» field will be available to the guests on the voucher and interface of the online booking engine. For other booking sources, these rules do not apply.

3. Early check-in and late check-out

For OTAs this rule will not be applied.

Choose the most suitable one for you and your hotel. While making reservation you can set the cost of early check-in / late check-out manually or the program can count it automatically based on rules:

Percent of daily rate

Hourly rate

4. Choose the reservation guarantee method.

For OTAs this rule will not be applied.

There are 3 options:

without guarantee (reservation does not require prepayment or entering bank card details)
Online-payment (or prepayment)Choose a prepayment amount from the reservation total cost or from the first day, in monetary terms or by percentage.Choose whether to cancel the reservation automatically if payment is not received.Choose a payment period. If the automatic cancellation is turned-on after the chosen period reservation will be automatically canceled.

5. Choose the release period, if it is necessary.

For OTAs this rule will not be applied.

Choose in how much time before arrival date the rate plan must be opened. It will help you to maximize your occupancy. You can use it for early booking rate plan or last minute rate plan.

Example: The standard check-in time at the hotel is 14:00. If you set the release period not earlier than 6 hours before arrival, you can create a reservation with arrival at 14:00 pm starting from 8:00 am. If you set the release period not later than 30 days before arrival, you can create a reservation no later than on 31.05 at 14:00 with arrival on 30.06 at 14:00.

6. Default prices do not need to be changed.

At any time you can edit prices in your rate plan, using an instruction.

The dependent rate plan automatically recalculates prices from the selected parent rate plan

Follow the same steps to create dependent rate plan.

  • Go to the «Rates» section, then click on «Create a new rate plan»

  • Choose «Dependent» rate plan.

  • Choose from which parent rate plan the prices will be calculated.

  • Choose between Discount or Extra charge options, then choose its value.

The number of rate plans you can create isn't limited.

How to use created rate plans on hotel's online booking engine or on OTAs (online travel agencies)

Go to the «Rate plans»

Here you will see the interface for working with rate plans.

- If you want to use the rate plan for an online booking engine or you want to stop it, use the Play (triangle - start) or Pause (two lines - stop) button in the "Online booking engine" column.

- Use the button in the «Reservations from the rack» column if you want to use the rate plan for making manual reservations.

- Rate plan restrictions for manual reservations will work, if you check the box – «Restrictions in PMS»

For example: if the rate plan has a restriction for 3 nights minimum stay, then it will not be possible to manually make or edit a shorter stay.

- Use the button in the «Online travel agencies (OTA)» column if you want to use the rate plan for sales in OTA.

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