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How to connect AmoCRM
Before connecting AmoCRM, make sure your account is configured and you have built processes.
You can find the available fields during integration in the article.
If you need to configure processes in AmoCRM, you can find a list of partners in the company who are involved in setting up and implementing AmoCRM.
To connect amoCRM you must:
1. Log in to your amoCRM account

2. In the menu section, open the "Settings" item. In it, select the item "Integrations" and click "Create Integration"

3. In the window that appears, fill in the data:
-Specify the link - in the combat version
-Grant access - select "Access to account data"
-Archive with custom code- click "Download" and upload the widget file
-Name of integration - indicate any name
-Description - enter any description.
-Click "Download Integration"
-After the window that opens, click "Install"

4. Enter the data in the fields:
-ID of your account. To find out, go to Bnovo PMS - in the upper right corner click on the "question mark", you will see your ID
the name of the button that will be displayed in the transaction to create a reservation. For example, "Create a reservation." If you have several accounts in Bnovo, you can specify the name of the accommodation.
Click "Save"

5. After saving, a window will appear. Switch to the Keys and Access tab in it to see the accesses:
Copy the Secret Key and Integration ID

6. In Bnovo PMS, in the Tools-CRM section, select the CRM type - amoCRM. Specify:
Integration ID - The integration ID obtained when adding the application to amoCRM.
Secret key - the secret key obtained when adding the application to amoCRM.
After that, a window appears in which you need to confirm the access of Bnovo PMS to amoCRM.

After clicking on the "Allow" button, the setting for matching fields will open (if custom fields are added to amoCRM in the transaction or contacts).

7. You can match them with existing fields in Bnovo and save the mapping. You can read more in the article which fields can be transferred from Bnovo to CRM.
Select the name of the funnel in your CRM system, and the stage that will be assigned to the bookings created in Bnovo PMS

Then enable the integration on the Play button
You can connect the same CRM account to multiple Bnovo accounts.