Knowledge base
How to add a user in Bnovo
In order to create a new user account:
  1. Go to Settings > Users
  2. Press New user
3. Fill in user data
Email address and password filled in here will be used by as login and password in Bnovo.

4. Select the language you want to display the interface for the user's first login.
Afterwards the user can change the display language if necessary.
5. Select a role you want for new user. It can be:
  • Administrator of the account, who has full access
  • User, who has access only to the sections that you choose below
  • Guest access, which only allows to see 2 reports: Revenue by rooms and Occupancy by rooms reports.
6. Tick those sections, access to which you want to get for the user
Access to work with reservations is open to all users by default.
7. Tick those hotels to which you would like to give an access to this users.
In each of the selected properties this user will have an access to the same sections.
8. Press Add user
Each account has An administrator (account holder) that has full access to Bnovo