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Document templates
If you need to view document templates go to Settings> Document Templates:
Document templates are divided into preinstalled and user-created

Preinstalled templates are those templates that are loaded into Bnovo PMS by default. These templates are «booking confirmation» and «guest card». These templates are not editable, but can be deleted.
How to create a document template

In order to create your own document template:
-Open the document you want to upload.
You can upload a file in docx format only in Bnovo PMS.
- Insert variables in document in appropriate places. To copy a variable, open the list of variables in the Settings >Document Templates>User-created tab.
- Use the copy button for quick copying of a variable.
Template to upload for an example:
How to upload document templates.

To download a template:
-Go to Settings > document templates
-Go to user-created.
-Clck Add a template
-Enter a template name;
-Press the «browse» file button;
-Find a desired file in docx format;
- Press the button «Add a template».
-Uploaded template will appear in the list.
-In order to view the uploaded template:
-Go to reservation;
-Click on the printer icon;
- There will be an uploaded template in the list.