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Mass mailings with Bnovo Mail Tool
Mailing is a great way to inform your guests about the upcoming arrival, to thank them for their choice, to congratulate or to inform about discounts and promotions. This is an effective tool that will help to keep in touch with your customers and increase their loyalty.
You can easily start doing mass mailings with Bnovo Mail tool.
Bnovo Mail tool is used to send marketing emails to your guests. For example: you can greet them a Happy Birthday, inform about new promotions and special offers, remind about payments, send contact details of the hotel and driving directions, automatically send confirmations and much more.
You can connect Bnovo Mail with your own e-mail. How to do it see here.
Letter templates
In this section, you can create email templates for mailings as well as edit\view\delete existing templates. To add a new template, you need to click on the Add template

By clicking on the Add -appears the letter editor window. In the editor you can enter the text of the letter, or to insert a ready html-template in code mode, or upload a picture. If you will click on a variable, you will see a list of variables that can be inserted into the template. Using variables, you can send a letter to each guest nominal.
You can insert only the picture published on the Internet in the template. To insert a picture, you need to:
  • Find a pictur in Internet
  • Right-click on the image and choose a Copy image point
  • Go to Add template tab in Bnovo Mail
  • Right-click in the text entry field and choose Paste
The image will be added to a template
Automatic mailing
In the Automatic delivery tab you can set up mailings to your guests. It will be done automatically in the estimated time. By clicking on the Add appears a window where you can make basic settings for delivery:
  1. Mailing subject
  2. Sender name
  3. Sender's e-mail
  4. Letter template
  5. Distribution time
Mailing starts at a specified time every day for all reservations, which correspond to the rules of mailing. Time is focused on your time zone chosen in Settings > Hotel

Mailing Rules. It is necessary to establish mailing rules, according to which letters will be sent. E-mail addresses for sending are selected according to the following parameters: by date (of booking, arrival, departure, payment, cancellation and date of birth), by reservation status or by balance.

After the delivery is saved, it can be: removed by clicking on the trash basket; edited by clicking on the pencil; suspended by pressing the Pause button and restarted by pressing the Start button.
In the Unfollowers tab you can find a list of all email addresses that have unsubscribed from your mailing.
In case of using Bnovo Mail through another mail server, you can update the list of unfollowers only in manual mode.
You can edit this list by yourself: remove e-mail addresses, or add new ones.
In order to add a new user to the list of unfollowers, please click on the Add button.
How to connect Bnovo Mail with your own mail
You can also connect your email to Bnovo Mail.
For this select a Provider point: Yandex, Google, Rambler and others. In the SMTP section enter your email and password for it, as well as the parameters of the Server and Encryption. provider
  • Email and Username is the full name of your mailbox, including the login, icon "@" and the domain (eg,
  • Password -To access the mail server, specify your password on Gmail (or application-specific password if two-factor authentication is enabled). If the two-factor authentication is not enabled, make sure that your account is allowed to access by untrusted applications.
  • Port – 465 (SSL encryption protocol)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP-server); provider (,,,,
  • Email and Username is the full name of your mailbox, including the login, icon "@" and the domain (eg,
  • Password – the current password that you use to log on to the mailbox
  • Port – 465 (SSL encryption protocol)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP-server);