About us

We are a leader in the market for software that manages accommodation in Russia, the CIS, and Europe. Our company was founded in 2012. Today, more than 8000 properties worldwide trust us.

Our clients choose us because:

  • We help our partners to work more productively, spend less time on routine processes, and earn more;
  • Our products are easy to use and do not require extensive training;
  • We offer solutions to different market segments: from small hostels to chain hotels;
  • We keep a close eye on the development of the market, listen to our partners, and constantly improve the product line, offering innovative solutions to implement our partners' ideas;
  • We are experts in what we do, and we are pleased to share our knowledge with our partners.
This is repetitive from the founder's statement. Consider revising: We help our partners to streamline their operations and maximize earnings.
Bnovo Company
We create revolutionary software products that allow your employees to work more productively, spend less time on routine tasks — and as a result — you earn more! With our help, hoteliers achieve their development potential regardless of the size of their business today.
Valentin Mikliaev
Founder of Bnovo
Years on the market
Over 8000 properties work with Bnovo
4.8 – review rating on Google
More than 40 countries
We focus on our core values:
VICTORY — TOGETHER WITH OUR PARTNERS: our partners take center-stage in everything we do!
    • We work to ensure that our partners grow and develop their business;
    • We're easy to work with;
    • We are experts in what we do and always offer the best solutions.
    TEAM SPIRIT: we value each employee's contributions and are proud of the whole team
    • Together we look for solutions to accomplish difficult tasks;
    • We respect each other, our suppliers, and partners;
    • We do not work in isolation, and we respect the interests of other team members;
    • We work towards a common goal and do not put the interests of individualsabove the objectives of the company.
    RESPONSIBILITY AND FIDELITY TO PRINCIPLES: we are responsible for everything we do
    • We are open, honest, and fair;
    • We make decisions independently and are accountable for our decisions;
    • We always keep promises;
    • We listen to constructive criticism in order to become better;
    • We value our employees and reward them for their results.
    CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: we do not stand still and are constantly looking for new ideas
      • We are constantly improving products, processes, and working methods;
      • We quickly respond to market changes and partner needs;
      • We offer our partners only the best, easy to use butmost advanced solutions;
      • We are prepared for risk and always learn from experience.

      Our Team
      Valentin Mikliaev
      General Director and founder of Bnovo
      Bnovo's premier engine and driver of innovation and technology in the hospitality industry. Gathering the world's best practices and developments, he successfully adapts them to the realities of the Russian hotel business. Valentin Mikliaev regularly speaks at conferences and seminars with reports on technologies in the hotel business andparticipates in international events among the leaders of the hotel industry. He is always in direct contact with hoteliers and ready to turn their feedback into new ideas and innovative products.
      Sales Department
      We do not just sell a product, we offer solutions for real challenges that partners face. Our partners trust us because:

      • We are experts not only in sales but also in software for the hospitality industry;
      • We are always happy to explain, in detail, all our wonderful products and to choose the best solution for any facility;
      • We strive to help our partners make their business more efficient;
      • Partners appreciate us — based on a satisfaction survey, our rating is 9.6 out of 10.
      Support Team
      We are always ready to help and promptly answer partners' questions about our products.

      • We are professionals who understand hoteliers;
      • We do not work with hotels, but with hoteliers: we know their needs and help deal with any obstacles that they face;
      • Our professionalism is appreciated:we have a 91% "Excellent" rating from our partners;
      • We resolve more than 1,500 tasks for hoteliers per week;
      • By the way, we are also friendly and talented. There are athletes, artists, and musicians among us! Our versatile talents help us work with zeal.
      Product and Development
      We are proud to create a product for hoteliers that is already used by more than 8000 properties in both Russia and around the world. And it's not just technology!

      Most of all, we are pleased that our contributions help hoteliers increase revenue. We are constantly improving and have a great appetite for learning. We discover global innovations and we implement them in our products.

      Marketing and Business Development
      • The tireless and creative marketing department prepares news and reviews, articles, and analytics for you;
      • We are working on the flexibility of subscription plans and special offers so that our product provides maximum benefits for hoteliers;
      • We find the best speakers for our conferences and experts for webinars;
      • We welcome your comments and likes, wait for your questions and requests, and respond to them promptly on social networks and personally by email.
      Administration Department
      Our work is not so noticeable at first glance, but without us, the achievements of our colleagues would have been simply impossible: finance, daily tasks of our office managers, legal support, staff recruitment and training all fall under our purview. We are responsible for guaranteeing that our partners receive an effective tool for managing everything in their hotel.